Miami, 24 y.o.

…It was a very exciting time in my life filled of possibilities…

Pursuing the American dream

Twelve years ago, I moved from Italy across the ocean to pursue my American dream and I ended up in Miami, Florida, I was 24 years old at the time.

It was a very exciting time in my life, filled of possibilities. A week after my arrival I was strolling down Ocean Drive in South Beach searching for an apartment when I got caught under a tropical rain. I entered in the first open restaurant, and there I was scouted by a renowned modelling agent Right on the spot that day I signed a contract and my life took a turn I could have never imagined. The fashion world open doors to unique experiences that allowed me to cross paths with people I only seen in movies or magazines.

Within a few years, modeling brought me to work relentlessly with some of the biggest brands in the industry between NYC, Milan and Miami. Within fancy shoots and runway walk, I dined with socialites and live what Italians call “La Bella Vita”. I party like a rock star, it felt glamourous, it was like a dream but despite the big pay checks and the seemingly endless celebrations, I didn’t feel fulfilled. I felt empty and at my lowest. Was this the vision of the American dream that I was looking for?

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