New York City, 27 y.o.

…I began a journey of self-discovery to find out what truly called me…

It was a drifting time and right then I realized I wasn’t happy with what I was doing and even less about who I was becoming.

I was living in New York at that time, and one spring night in the city that never sleeps, I found myself waking up from this dream of a life I never wanted.

After yet another night spent at a private party in an exclusive hotel filled with bottles and celebrities, I walked home alone and sat outside of the window of my apartment, letting my feet dangle beneath me.

I felt the cool air wake me up, and right there I realized that that life wasn’t for me.

I wanted freedom I wanted adventure, so I began a journey of self-discovery to find out what truly called me.

I did tons of researches reading books of adventures and explorers of all kinds: from ocean rowers, big river swimmers and high mountain climbers but none of those spoke to me.

I was 27 years old and even if it sounds strange, I was experiencing a massive midlife crisis.

By chance I stumbled up on a book, hanging off a shelf in a bookstore in Union Square. This runner bursting out of the cover caught my attention and drew me right in opening my mind to a new world I didn’t even know existed. He wasn’t talking about running. He was talking about something more: he was talking about ultra running. I found his story compelling because he left behind the stereotypical dream of “money = happiness” in pursuit of his passion.

He found his voice running extreme distances in extreme conditions and I thought: that’s it. The very next day I bought a new pair of running shoes and I started running loops in Central Park. The spark was ignited. I wanted to find out what happens beyond the physical limit when the pain is so unbearable that the whole body tells you to stop.

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